Thursday, July 20, 2017

STORY: My Daughter and the African Tribe

Okay so my wife and the african tribe has been my most popular story by far, so I wrote a spiritual successor to it, this one is about a married couple and their 18 year old blonde daughter becoming attracted to one of the strong african tribal warriors, hope you enjoy :) New issue of BBS coming out VERY soon.

Monday, July 10, 2017

BLACK BRED STARS ISSUE 5: Scarlett Johansson

Here's the new issue, I just want to thank all of you who have bought one of my stories, that is what's going to keep this site going. If you like my work just pick one up, and I'm always looking for new story ideas so If you have a kinky interracial fantasy, and you think it's pretty out there, email me and I'll see if I can come up with a story for it,


Thursday, July 6, 2017

STORY: She Doesn't Know Her Baby is Black

John and his wife Veronica are a married couple who want a baby more then anything. But unfortunately they are having trouble conceiving. Desperate for something, anything, that could work John comes up with an idea. Why not, instead of spending thousands on a clinic, they just have another man impregnate Veronica while she wears a blindfold. She reluctantly agrees, and John has the perfect man to be the father of their child.

Here's a little excerpt

This man’s name is Jamal, and he’s a black man, a big , dark, midnight dark, Nigger. He’s an ex-con, long history of drug and alcohol abuse, he doesn’t even have a high school education.  My wife is going to give birth to this African’s child. I would never tell her, but this is my deepest darkest fantasy, to see Veronica bred by black seed. It turns me on so much and now that I have the opportunity to make my dream come true. I just couldn’t resist the chance. Don’t judge me, if you had the chance to see your biggest fetish fulfilled you would take it too, wouldn’t you? And this is what Veronica gets for rejecting me all those years, until I was finally “Good enough” for her and then she all of a sudden gets on board. Now if she wants to stay on the gravy train than she’s going to have a fucking black baby for me

Sunday, July 2, 2017

BLACK BRED STARS ISSUE 4: Maisie Williams (Feat. Sophie Turner)

Here's the new issue guys, hope you like it I think it's my best one yet. I really wish things didn't fall though with that graphic designer because I would have really liked to see what he would do with it, but I hope you guys enjoy this. I have a new story out so if you like my work just go buy a book for only 2.99 helps out alot!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

STORY: My Wife and the African Tribe

Richard and his wife Jessica are two devote missionaries from Wyoming who take a pilgrimage to a village deep in africa. And Richard finds that the tribesmen are VERY aggressively attracted to his beautiful bride. Thinking there's no other way, Richard comes up with a plan to satiate the tribesmen's primal lust...but he may end up loosing his wife to them forever.

Hey guys, here's my new story if you like my work just buy one and it would really help me out. I can't run ads or take donations so this is the best and only way to support my work. The next BBS issue will be coming out either tomorrow or the day after. The graphic artist who did the taylor magazine hasn't been responding to me about it so it looks like I'll have to go back to the old style :( but hopefully you enjoy it without all the bells and whistles and if he does show up again I'll gladly post it here as soon as I get it.

Monday, June 26, 2017

BLACK BRED STARS ISSUE 3 Taylor swift (Featuring Kanye west) NEW AND IMPROVED!!!!

Had some time today so I whipped this up, I know it's kind of dated cause this happened a few years ago lol, but I always thought it was a hot idea, hope you guys like it, again don't get used to issues coming out this fast but I figured if im gonna start doing this I should really start strong

also, I know sometimes there are some spelling errors in my work, I will try to work on this in the future and I hope you don't mind it too much

Again if you like my magazines support the site by buying a book I can't run adds or take paypal for stuff like this so it's a really great way to help out.

EDIT: This new improved format is thanks to my good freind, he doesnt have anything he wants to promote and did this as a favor, he's interested in doing more work for me so hopefully ALL my issues can be this good :)


Here you go guys, Issue 2, Now Im not saying every update is going to come this fast, but I will try to get content out in a timely manner

I love feedback and suggestions so anything you want to tell me, or any pics you think would fit good in a future magazine, just shoot me an email at